FAIRFX Business

FAIRFX are an all round currency specialist, they offer Travel Cash (with free home delivery), Currency Cards and Currency Transfers. This article is going to cover their business expense cards and how they can save money for UK businesses.

The business cards are a market leading product and can help customers save a lot of money on international or domestic business travel. The cards are pre-loaded in GBP which allows greater control on company spending, as well as quick loading in case of emergency.

Once you register and are approved for an account, you will gain access to their online platform, which is where you see a lot more benefits. This includes;

  • Hierarchical ¬†access so directors can view all cards
  • Individual logins for employees
  • Itemised transactions so employees can annotate expenses
  • Easy system for switching money between cards
  • 24/7 access

Other benefits such as; free spending in the UK and abroad when you pay point of sale (POS), accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo and unlimited amounts of cards per account, means that managing your companies expenses will never be the same again.

The cash saving you will make from using the cards is very simple. Most company credit cards have a 3-5% foreign exchange (FX) margin attached to them, FAIRFX cards have a 1.5% margin (the GBP card). This means that you will half your FX exposure instantly as well as eliminating the monthly fees you will have to pay for the credit cards.

You can contact FAIRFX by calling Lincoln Savage on 020 7778 7503 or e-mailing l.savage@fairfx.com

Alternatively; please contact Currency Pal on +44 7769220186 and we can discuss your options.

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