Revolut Travel Money Card

The Revolut Travel Money Card is one of the best prepaid cards available at the moment. The exchange rate they offer is the closest to the “Interbank Rate” that you can find and they also have some of the lowest fees for any prepaid card.

The card works just like a normal bank card, you can use it in any shop or ATM which displays the MasterCard logo. Using the card point of sale (POS) in shops and restaurants is completely free, as long as you don’t spend over £5,000 in a calendar month, after that there is a small 0.5% fee per transaction (so pretty small when you think about it).

When withdrawing cash from an ATM, it is free up to the value of £500 per calendar month and after that there is a 2% fee for each transaction. So if you are planning multiple trips in one month, it would be wise to pay POS as much as possible.

You can download the APP HERE and once you’ve don’e that you then order your card through the APP. It usually takes between 3-5 days for your card to be delivered, from personal experience though mine arrived in 3 days.

The APP is also an excellent feature, you have itemised statements helping you keep track of your spending and you also have your security features such as the ability to block your card instantly if you lose it.

When airports are currently offering less than €1 for each pound, using a company that is still offering €1.11 can really make the difference.


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